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'A camera makes me stop.....look and observe.....and I see our world in a different light'

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I am a very keen amateur photographer fortunate enough to live in central Southern England near the coast. I love making images in black and white; whether they are land or seascapes, people and places, or quite simply anything which attracts my eye.

I have always been interested in art but its only in the past few years that my creative desire has taken me down a photographic path.

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Prior to the beginning of 2012 I largely worked in colour, but following a visit to the Isle of Eigg off the West Coast of Scotland, I converted a seascape image (Sand Waves - shown left) to monochrome. In the process I discovered for myself the beauty of black and white and have never looked back.

Towards the end of 2012 I decided to submit a panel of images to the Royal Photographic Society and this submission resulted in a Licentiateship Distinction. I am now working towards becoming an Associate.

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